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We specialize in providing Microsoft Excel training.

We has successfully trained various MNC including:
LB Aluminium Berhad, Nokia Siemen Network, ThaiExpress Sdn Bhd, SGS Malaysia Sdn Bhd, DataStream Solution (Brunei) Sdn Bhd, 3ntity Berhad, SGS Labuan (Group of Oil & Gas Chemists), AVNET Malaysia Sdn Bhd, SOMFY Sdn Bhd, KTC , New Horizons Malaysia, Nota Asia, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Merge Energy Berhad, PUMA, Syngenta, Ntritex Sdn Bhd and more..

We provide the following course:
Excel Basic/Fundamental level
Excel Intermediate Level
Excel Advance Level
Excel Function and Formula
Excel Macro/VBA fundamental level
Excel Macro Intermediate Level

Excel Macro Programming Service

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Microsoft Excel Training (Intermediate) at Kuala Lumpur

Excel Intermediate Level Course Outline You will learn the following 8 Modules(or section) and practise the important and highly useful feature of Excel on the spot: Section 1: Cell reference Mastering Relative reference Mastering Absolute reference 2 proven examples to help you learn the "$" dollar sign in a formula Excel Advanced built-in functions that helps you...
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EXCEL Macro/VBA COURSE- Fundamental

Section 1 Record a macro Accessing Developer tab Using command under Developer tab Teach you to record a simple macro Understand the statement or code Editing your recorded macro The Visual Basic for Application(VBA) Environment The Visual Basic Editor The Project Explorer The Property Window The Code Window Other Windows Running Macros from the Code Window Commenting your code Multi-Statement Lines How to save a Macro. Section...

Microsoft Excel Intensive Class (Selangor)

Excel Intensive Class outline: You will learn the following and practise on the spot within 2 days: Section 1: Pivot Table & PivotChart Using Pivot Table to summarize data faster. Besides, you will learn how to group dates to find out summarize data on a quarterly or yearly basis. Data Table How to project Sale forecast with...
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MODULE 1: The Excel Environment and Basic Configuration Introduction to Microsoft great design - Ribbon How to maximizing and minimizing Ribbon. What is Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) How to access to most common used command faster Learn to focus - what really matter Learn to save workbook in multiple format (xlsx, and xlsm or xls) Open a recent...

Ms Excel Training (Sales Analysis & Reporting) @ Kuala Lumpur

Course outline Learn the basic of Pivot Table Learn 2 Advanced Excel built-in formula Learn what is PowerPivot How to install PowerPivot Learn how to create your first measure Create your second measure Create your first ratio measure Create a PowerPivot based on multiple table and more...
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Ms Excel Intermediate Course-Puchong, Subang, Sunway, PJ(Weekend)

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Level Course Outline ======================================== You will learn the following 8 modules and practice these important and highly useful feature of Excel on the spot, you will equip with a new level of capability at the end of the class. Module 1: Cell Reference Mastering Relative reference Mastering Absolute reference Module 2: VLookup, HLookup, Match Lookup...

Excel for Human Resource (HR) Professionals

MICROSOFT EXCEL for HR's COURSE OUTLINE: ========================================= MODULE 1: Using reference Using Absolute reference Using relative reference Using Named cell Using Named Range Learning Baic of Formula Applying essential formulas for HR MODULE 2: Applying special text function for HR Applying logical function to get desirable results based on certain business requirement Advanced functions and formulas: Logical functions Conditional functions Text functions
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DATA Analysis Using Microsoft Excel Seminar

Register yourself and come for your FREE Excel seminar: 1# Discover How to reduce data analysis time from 2 hours to 2 minutes or less 2# How to get certified by us and double your income, revenue in 2 years or less 3# How to join our growing fast Excel support group community 4# Networking...
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Financial Dashboard for Business Reporting and Tracking

Course Outline What is business report What is dashboard The difference between business report and dashboard Learn the critical steps in dashboard reporting to deliver right insight The Do's and Don'ts of designing a dashboard The data model Creating dashboard that incorporates the key elements of financial health Cash flow analysis Variance analysis Key performance Indicators OPEX/CAPEX analysis Actual vs Budget analysis by...
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Microsoft Word Class at Kuala Lumpur

Checkout for more course information on COURSE DETAILS Module 1: Introduction Overview of the Microsoft Word course The Ribbon Quicker access to most common command Creating and saving document Module 2: Making your story easier to understand Changing case fast Copy format of certain text Using bullet, number Module 3: Structure your data with table Adding row(s) or column(s) Deleting row or column Changing...